Free Website Builder for small busines

Websites are rapidly becoming more than just a sign post for businesses. The Amazon era has rapidly changed how consumers behave and they have transformed the humble website into a 24/7 revenue generating channel for businesses.

Building the Right Website for Your Business

10 years ago, businesses would need to hire a team of web developers and designers to build and design a website, this process would usually take almost a year to complete. Fast forward to 2021, small and medium businesses can now build and launch websites with a smaller team and in a much faster time frame.

Your website can have a big impact on your business. They have the potential to spread awareness of your brand, allow you to connect with your customers and even generate sales.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Free Website Builders

The internet is filled with tons of free website builder that it becomes difficult for businesses to choose the right one. Here are several things that you need to consider in choosing the right website builder.

  • Scalability: As your business grows your website will also grow and scalability should be a major factor in choosing the right website builder. Scalability ensures that your website can handle large traffic and also able to keep up with the volume of content on your website
  • Pricing: Most website builders are free, being on a free plan provides a lot of advantages especially if your business is just starting, but as you need more features from the platform you will eventually need to migrate to a paid plan.
  • Ease of Use: Most free website builders have drag and drop builders that allow you to build web pages without coding, this allows you to quickly build and deploy webpages and landing pages to help your digital marketing campaigns
  • Built-in SEO: Search engine optimization allows you to organically reach your target audience by appearing on the search engine results page, most website builders offer built-in SEO to help you stay compliant of the best practices of SEO.
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Free Website Builders (Free online tools) with pretty & modern templates: (the best, free and the most popular soft – did you know you dont need to install it?!)

I pretty sure you already heard at least about one of them! Let´s build!

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