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Video content has increasingly become one of the top content formats being consumed online. A survey showed that at least 86% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool and this means that there is definitely tough competition when it comes to getting the attention of your customers.

Advantages of Video Content

The introduction of the smartphone has rapidly changed how we interact with people, how we spend our day, and most of all how we consume content. This shift has made content accessible to people even when they are not in the house and one of the best media that is almost universally compatible with all sizes of device screens is video content.

Video content also makes learning easier which means that it is easier for businesses to get their message across to a broader range of audiences compared to other types of media. Another factor that also makes video content great is that it adds an extra layer of depth that can convey personality to viewers compared to static images or all-text posts.

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Why You Need Video Editors

Now that we have highlighted the importance of video content, the next step is creating video content that users are willing to view. Today, even a mid-range smartphone can reliably create a video but it takes professional editing tools like video editors to help turn an ordinary video into a viral video that attracts engagement.

Here are the top things to consider when choosing free video editors:

1. The Video Formats You Need

Whether you are editing a video for a personal vlog or for a corporate client, it is important to ensure that the video editor you choose is able to handle several formats for raw files and is also able to provide the correct video format output you need.

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2. Timeline Editing

Timeline editing is one of the most important features that you need from a video editor especially if you need to edit videos in a longer format. Video editors that allow you to move clips on a timeline will greatly improve your productivity.

3. Integrated Audio Editing

Audio is also an integral part of your output so make sure that the video editor allows you to edit audio separately but in parallel with your video.

4. Saving Presets

Another great time-saving feature that you need is the ability to create and save presets. This is extremely useful when you are editing videos in large batches.

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