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How your quotation looks can have a major impact between turning leads into a closed won deal and closed lost deal. That is why it is important to send the right quote in the correct format to ensure that your clients understand the terms of your transaction, the scope of work, pricing, milestones, and deadlines.

Getting the Right Quote and Pricing

A quote is a formal document that you send to your prospects and it is important to get the details right because revisions after the acceptance of a quote can ruin business relationships or even open you up for legal actions.

It can be hard for small businesses and freelancers to commit to a price but it is a part of the business process that is why it is important to get an accurate number of the costs and hourly rate that you charge so you can get a good overview of the income you will get for the project.

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Benefits of Using Free Quote and Invoicing Platform

There are a lot of advantages when using online or cloud based quote or invoicing platforms. They help streamline the process and ensure you have a clear overview of your cash flow.

  1. Secure: One of the best advantages of using cloud-based quote platforms is the improved security. Most platforms provide built-in security features to ensure that your data and customer’s data remain private and secure.
  2. Global Access: Access your quotes and invoices any time from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.
  3. Adds an Extra Touch of Professionalism: Using well-designed quotes and invoices add an extra level of professionalism.
  4. Avoid Errors and Potential Disputes: Quote platforms help communicate clearly the scope of work and rate, this reduces miscommunication and potential disputes with your client.
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Free Quote and Invoicing Platforms (Free online tools) (Free up to 5 GB) (Free Quote and Invoicing platform for freelancers)

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