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Whenever we think of QuickBooks, we always think of big businesses using it as their accounting software but over the years, Intuit has been targeting more and more small and medium businesses with products tailored for them at very affordable price points.

What is QuickBooks?

Quickbooks is one of the world’s most popular accounting software and it primarily helps businesses manage the financial health of the business as well as monitor the day-to-day movement of funds.

Quickbooks is a cloud-based software as a service so businesses no longer need to pay expensive upfront costs or buy expensive IT equipment to run the software. All of the information is securely stored in the cloud, which means that the data can be accessed in real-time from all around the globe with an internet connection.

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What Quickbooks can Do for Your Business

1. Invoicing

One of the top features of Quickbooks is invoicing, Quickbooks can automate the invoicing process and automatically update customer records and the accounting books in the company in real-time.

2. Billing and Expenses

Quickbooks can also keep track of the billing and expenses of the business and also provide real-time reports to help businesses keep track of payables and expenses.

3. Financial Reports

One of the areas that Quickbooks excel at is generating financial statements and reports for the business. The software can quickly generate three key statements like the Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet, and the statement of cash flows.

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