Free Health Insurance for children, pregnant women and parents (US)

When you find yourself in need of medical care, the national public health insurance program Medicaid can help cover complex and costly medical needs. One in five in the United States rely on free insurance for their health care needs which means that over 72.5 million Americans which also include children, senior citizens, pregnant women and individuals with disabilities.

How to Know if Your Eligible for Medicaid Financial Eligibility

The Affordable Care Act provides a clear methodology to help determine eligibility.. The Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is one of the key metrics that is used to determine financial eligibility. This ensures a transparent and easy way for Americans to apply and enroll for insurance. MAGI is primarily used to determine eligibility for most children, pregnant women, parents, and adults. MAGI counts taxable income and tax filing relationships to determine eligibility.

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There are several exceptions to MAGI-based eligibility which are individuals whose eligibility is based on blindness, disability and age.

Non-Financial Eligibility

The second criteria is that medicaid beneficiaries must be residents on the state in which they are receiving Medicaid and they must either be citizens of the United States or certain qualified non-citizens such as lawful permanent residents.

Applying for Medicaid

There are generally two steps to apply for Medicaid. The first one is the health insurance marketplace which is a service that helps people find and enroll in the most affordable health care coverage.The second is to apply directly through the state Medicaid agency.

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