Free Courses, Certificates, and Degrees Online

Are you looking for the best free online courses, certificates and degrees online? You’ve come to the right post. There are no hidden charges on these courses and certificates. The three best websites that provide free online courses, certificates, and degrees are discussed below.

Udemy: Free videos to pick

Udemy is a well-known educational platform. While Udemy mainly offers paid courses, it also has many free video courses to pick from. Users can also obtain and print a certificate of completion once they have completed one of their free online courses.

Alison: Online courses, certificates and degrees – All ONLINE

Alison provides more than 13 million free online courses, certificates, and degrees online to students. IT, business, languages, health, humanities, science, marketing, lifestyle, math, design, web development, and many more are their most popular course areas.

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Oxford Home Study: Online courses and degrees

Oxford Home Study is most recognized for its diploma distance education programs; they also give several free online courses and degrees. This modest number of free courses (49 in all) come with a free certificate and no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. I was very suprised by this page!

Open learning: 

Open learning is a new platform, but its popularity has grown significantly in the last three years. Open learning can be compared to Alison in specific ways. Rather than creating their own classes and courses, they offer a selection of courses from universities, schools, and online learning platforms worldwide. While Open Learning mostly offers expensive courses, they also have many free courses, certificates, and degrees online. On the other hand, the free certification is entirely dependent on the third-party supplier who is running the course.

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Bonus Tip:

Do you know Coursera? As they say: Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. 

As many other tools, they offer Free and Paid version as well. But, do not be sad, the Free version is full of education programs you will like for sure!


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